Understanding Attacker’s use of Covert Communications

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January 24, 2016
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Understanding Attacker’s use of Covert Communications

February 25, 2016 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
10003 Woodloch Forest Dr
The Woodlands
TX 77380

Understanding Attacker’s use of Covert Communications
Today’s cyber attackers survive by hiding their attack communications from the prying eyes of network security. It’s a critical part of an attacker’s arsenal and it lets them patiently manage and propagate attacks throughout network, while remaining undetected.

  • The latest techniques attackers use to hide their traffic in plain sight
  • Why simple techniques like signatures and reputations of domains or IPs come up short in finding these evolving forms of communication
  • Why this isn’t really just a malware problem

What techniques can be used to systematically identity these forms of communication and to treat them as a strong indicator of compromise?

Our Speaker: Oliver Tavakoli
TavakoliOliver Tavakoli is Chief Technical Officer of Vectra Networks. Oliver is a technologist who has alternated between working for large and small companies throughout his 25-year career – he is clearly doing the latter right now. Prior to joining Vectra Networks, Oliver spent more than 7 years at Juniper as Chief Technical Officer for the security business. Oliver joined Juniper as the result of its acquisition of Funk Software, where Oliver was CTO and better known as developer #1 for Steel-Belted Radius – you can ask him what product name came in second in the naming contest. Prior to joining Funk Software, Oliver co-founded Trilogy Inc. and prior to that, he did stints at Novell, Fluent Machines and IBM.


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Jennifer Drouilhet
Regional Sales Manager
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